Eco-design of PET bottles is not an option anymore.
Major brands are already committed in ecological transition without compromising

on their image, their DNA, and their products sensory identity. 

Combining premium image and recyclability is now very much a reality. 



Full-body sleeve LDPET® improves the circularity of PET packaging


An offer dedicated to all PET packaging markets

Supporting brands to meet their recycling commitments through a wide Range of Machines & Offers:

  • LDPET Steam® for waters, soft-drinks, home and personal care
  • LDPET Dry-Shrink® for moisture and water-sensitive products: cosmetics, confectionary, healthcare


To implement  LDPET® on your products, we offer an appropriate solution
with a range of equipments designed to fit with this low density film characteristics. 


Accelerate your ecological transition with our technical solutions   

  • Flexible and modular equipments adjusted to your packaging specifications, to accompany you into the integration to circular economy
  • Combiskinner LDPET® with dry-shrink technology
  • Combisteam LDPET® with steam-shrink technology



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